couple eating pizza and having wine at home

Compact Living: Reasons to Date at Home

For many people, an essential part of any romantic relationship is dedicating time for taking their partners out on dates. They reserve tables in restaurants, buy tickets to

Dog motivational training. Trainer gives the husky dog a reward

How to Train a Dog that Just Won’t Listen

Training a dog that won’t listen or even acknowledge you can be exasperating. When your dog doesn’t budge, you can end up feeling defeated, exhausted, and frustrated. But

family with their new bed

Not All Mattresses are Made Equal

Did you know you spend more than 30% of your life sleeping? You know how important a mattress is for quality sleep. Once in a while, you will

Jeweler looking at a ring

The Legacy of Championship Rings in Sport

The same idea is the inspiration for the practice of immortalizing a winning run in a major sports tournament. When professional athletes get the crown in the major

asleep newborn baby

How to Take Cute Photos of Infants

Newborn photography has gained popularity in recent years for a good reason: Parents get to document their babies’ first few days or weeks in the most adorable way

white canvas attached to the wall

Art Talk 101: All About the Canvas

When you talk about art, the first things that observers and pundits marvel are the technique, the strokes, and the themes. You will rarely hear them talk about

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