Jeweler looking at a ring

The Legacy of Championship Rings in Sport

The same idea is the inspiration for the practice of immortalizing a winning run in a major sports tournament. When professional athletes get the crown in the major

asleep newborn baby

How to Take Cute Photos of Infants

Newborn photography has gained popularity in recent years for a good reason: Parents get to document their babies’ first few days or weeks in the most adorable way

white canvas attached to the wall

Art Talk 101: All About the Canvas

When you talk about art, the first things that observers and pundits marvel are the technique, the strokes, and the themes. You will rarely hear them talk about

dead tree

Why Get Rid of a Dead Tree?

Trees are among the most critical parts of any ecological site around the world. They provide aesthetic value to our properties, and other material benefits depending on their

Student watching a video on her tablet

How Mobile Keeps TV and Radio Alive

The Internet has become a constant presence in our lives—and why wouldn’t it be? It becomes easier to access any type of media on any platform that you

hair serum being applied to man's hair

Hair Serums: Why Are They Important?

The hair is a woman’s crowning glory. That is why women who are experiencing bad hair days also often experience a shift in their mood and overall confidence.