two people using their gadgets at home

The Consequences of Being Indoors All the Time

The great outdoors offers the promise of adventure, the stress-reducing effects of being around nature, and the health benefits of breathing clean air, soaking under the sunshine, and

cosmetic surgery before and after

Three Misconceptions About Cosmetic Surgeries

According to statistics, there were more than 18.1 million cosmetic surgical procedures in the United States in 2019. Around 16.3 million cosmetic procedures were minimally invasive. This high number


Five Tips to Help You Sleep Better at Night

A good night’s worth of sleep is as essential for the human body as is exercising regularly and maintaining a proper diet. Shortage of sleep can negatively impact your

house plant

Winter Care For Your Houseplants

Dry air, lower light levels, and fluctuations in temperature due to indoor heating. All these pose challenging conditions for growing your precious houseplants. If you don’t change up

cute dog

A Paw in My Hand: Benefits of Owning a Dog

The reason dogs are considered man’s best friend is because they are extremely loyal and lovable creatures. Dogs are, by nature, happy-go-lucky animals who can win your heart

man smiling while at the dentists

Four Ways to Achieve a Perfect Smile

Most people assume that the perfect smile is the epitome of beauty and wellness in Hollywood and prints. Although this may undoubtedly be true, having a white smile


Proper Care for Your Luxury Wear

It isn’t rare to splurge everyone once in a while, especially if you have been working so hard and happen to run into or earn some extra cash

man playing with a dog

Keeping Your Dog Healthy during a Pandemic

The World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic in March 2020. The months that followed saw lockdowns and stay-at-home orders issued by governments around the

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